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. gunmetal skies & neon fireflies .

shot /&/ echo
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Public/Fandom/Community/Sales journal for russettedbones; interested in literature, history, writing, art, photography, graphic design, music, travel, and world cultures; currently fawning over BBC's Sherlock, the Shinsengumi, Harry Potter, Will Self, Neil Gaiman, Oscar Wilde, Kra, Mix Speaker's,Inc., the GazettE, Acid Black Cherry, Ayumi Hamasaki, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, and entirely too many other things; currently studying Early Medieval History at grad school and subsequently prone to ramble about the Carolingians.

Always happy to meet new people, so feel free to add! I don't bite (unless provoked.) If you're interested primarily in my writing, though, you'd be better off checking out my AO3 page.

I'm currently accepting writing commissions for fanfiction and original works, starting at $5 / 5,000 words. For more information, please see my Fiverr Gig Page. Thanks for looking!
checkmate (or not).